Saturday, November 10, 2012

Empties! Products I've used up #1

I've been working (hard!) at trying to use up some products this month. Mostly to make way for other things! 

1. Olay Total Effects Moisturizer - this is the third bottle of this I've used up (over the years, not consecutively). This is one of those staples that I can always go back to knowing that I really like it. In the last 3 months, I've been using this moisturizer in conjuction with my Philosophy Turbo Booster C powder and its been working a treat. I do believe that powder just gives a lovely glowy boost to my skin. I just don't like the messy mixing in process. 

2. Eos lipbalm in Tangerine - I was attracted to this due to its cute egg-like packaging and I really like the scent of this Tangerine one. (There are other scents: sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, lemon drops SPF15, honeysuckle honeydew.) The eos website says that the tangerine flavor/scent is "medicated" making it more soothing and has anti-bacterial properties. I used this every night before going to sleep for about 4 months and personally didn't see any significant difference in the condition or hydration of my lips.

3. Soap and Glory Face Soap Vitamin C Facial Wash - Admittedly this was an impulse purchase. I was swayed by the cute product colors (it's a minty green with pink scrub beads) and the magical words they used on the packaging, namely "brightening" and "vitamin C". After discovering my love for Philosophy's Turbo Booster C powder suddenly everything vitamin C related seemed enticing. (I also purchased the Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub with Vitamin C for this same reason.) And as someone who loves glowy skin, anything that says "brightening" is pretty much in my want list. Anyway, getting back to this's ..okay. My face felt cleansed (slightly dry) after use. It didn't completely remove my eye makeup. Needless to say, I won't be making this impulse purchase again. 

4. Clinique Take the Day Off  makeup remover -this product is technically meant for eyes and lips. I only ever used it for eyes. When I first started with this product I found it overwhelmingly oily and I didn't like the greasy sensation it left around the skin around my eyes. In time I got used to that, but it is still not my favorite. I have replaced it with a cheaper dupe from Neutrogena which is similar, but not as greasy. 

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